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Shine Bright Reglazing

Shine Bright Reglazing has been in the refinishing business since 2002 and was founded on the principals of providing excellent service and reliability.

We make old tubs and tiles look great again at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our successful and proven Topkote Reglazing System process brings old and worn tubs and tiles back to life. We only use high quality materials and take pride in our work. We are reliable, honest, fully insured and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Staff

We are experienced professionals dedicated to delivering the best for you. Everyone you deal with is trained to do the job right – from first call, product selection, area preparation, reglazing, and cleanup – we make it easy and pleasing.  You can count on us to get the job done when you want it done within your target budget. We will cater to you.

Our Suppliers

Only the finest quality parts and materials are used to assure the results you desire. We help you understand the options and select the perfect solution for your bath and budget.

Our Methods

Courteous attentive service is our hallmark. We know that individuals and businesses want the work done quickly, cleanly, and competently. You can rely on us to make your renovation experience good enough to mention to your friends and neighbors.

Our Customers

We are proud of the large number of businesses and homeowners throughout the New York/New Jersey region who have entrusted us to do the job right since 2002. We earned our excellent reputation by standing by our work and satisfying customers.

What we do

Our Services

At Shine Bright Reglazing, we provide professional Tub & Tile Reglazing services that can transform your bathroom in as little as one day, saving you time, money, and hassle compared to traditional remodeling options. We also offer tub conversions that create a safer bathing experience for elderly or handicapped individuals.  Here is what we offer …


Bathtub & Tile Reglazing

Don't Replace It... Reglaze It! At Shine Bright Reglazing, we provide a quick and easy way to

Bathtub Safety Conversion

Step Through... Not Over! Bathtub conversion to walk in StepThru™ cutout creates a safer shower experience at

Shower Enclosures

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our expertly installed shower enclosures, designed to transform
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose remodeling or reglazing?

There is usually no need to go through the big expense and inconvenience of replacing your worn out or damaged tub or tile. Reglazing provides a durable beautiful surface. The value of reglazing is easy to appreciate.

How long does reglazing take?
Generally, tub reglazing may take 2-4 hours. Tub and Tile may take 5-6 hours. With the ventilation we provide, your bathtub and shower will be beautiful and ready to use in 24 hours.
Can a color be matched or changed?

You can reglaze from any color to any color. Our standard colors are White, Bone, Biscuit and Almond. Any custom color can be matched.

Will my tub or tile looked like it was painted?

Absolutely not. Our finish is applied using an HVLP turbine sprayer and our products looks very smooth and shiny. Many customers cannot tell the difference between our refinished tub and a brand new tub.

How soon can I use my tub/shower?

You can enjoy a shower in your sparkly new looking tub or bathroom in just 24 hours.

What if I have no window in my bathroom?

No problem! We use a ventilation system while we are working to direct smells off premises via the closest window. As standard, we carry a 25ft hose and 50ft hose for those areas where we work with no exterior windows in the room. Depending on the product used, the smell dissipates with use (ready for use after 24hrs) and of course ventilation, but under normal circumstances there should be just a faint smell in the room after a few days. We recommend fans rather than heaters to those with no windows who wish to speed up the process.

Can I use a bath-mat?

No, you can not use a bath-mat on any reglazed surfaces. This will damage your tub. We do roll down a non slip surface so a mat is not needed.

What should I do to prepare for my refinishing job?

There is not much we ask our customers to do. However we do ask to remove loose objects from the bathroom or work area so that they will not be exposed during the job.

I have a dripping/leaky faucet.

You will have to have this repaired before reglazing or it will damage your newly refinished tub in due time.

How do I know if my surfaces to be refinished have been refinished previously?

Porcelain, fiberglass and cast iron surfaces will often only become dull, stain, rust and/or become rough, but will NOT peel. If the tub has peeled than more than likely it has been refinished before.

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